Sunday 4 October 2020

Witches With Dicks - Dogshit Summer


(Photo : Blowfish)

  What seems like many years ago (and I suppose it was as it was 2007), Boston band Witches With Dicks released a wonderful album titled Manual ( It was definitely one of the best releases of that year and anyone unfamiliar with it should check it out. Songs like Your Job Does Not Rock Balls, One Whopper For The Copper and Fuck All Lindsays were perfect examples of how to make energetic rough and ready, gruff voiced punk rock music. Also around the same time they released a single which included an impressive cover of The Lemonheads' classic Second Chance. 

  So a great new band to enthuse about! But I think by then they'd already pretty much split up. 

  And then in 2016 came an 8 track ep that demonstrated that though they'd been away for almost a decade they hadn't lost their touch. It was called Not Just A Passing Season and you can find it here :

  Fast forward to the present day and they return again with another ep. 6 short and snappy tracks of the scrappy kind of punk we expect from them, it features their best song since Manual. The ep's titled Straight To Hell and all money raised from it is going to help out band member and New England punk icon Jeff Poot (aka Jeff Mardanes) who's been hospitalised due to a sudden brain bleed.                  ( It's available from Dead Broke Rekerds on vinyl (limited to 300 copies) and as a digital download 

  Starting up with an intro which could possibly qualify as the shortest Ramones cover ever this is a catchy as hell anthem that even though it first surfaced in February pretty much sums up the last few months. It's called Dogshit Summer...  

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