Thursday 1 October 2020

Speed Week - Phishing


  Hey Hey it's Speed Week that are on Just Some Punk Songs today... 

  Hailing from Melbourne (yep, yet another killer Aussie band), Speed Week ( are a band that jumped onto my radar a year ago when I heard a pretty damn awesome song by them called Into The Pit ( 

  They returned last week with a new ep. It's titled Hey Hey It's Speed Week and it landed just too late for me to feature a track in the recent Australian punk special show that I put together ( 

  So what's it like? 

  It's fair dinkum cobber. If I was making a comparison I'd say it treads similar ground to another JSPS favourite, Vintage Crop. It's mid paced, catchy garage punk mixed with post-punk featuring a vocalist that half sings, half chats his way through proceedings. You can find it here : 

  This is my pick from the ep, it's a cautionary warning about the rise of cyber crime and those who make their living scamming online. It's called Phishing...  

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