Wednesday 21 October 2020

Kids Of Skids - Trapped


  Hardcore Sydney Punk Band, obscene, loud, fast and aggressive. “Music your Mum doesn’t want you to listen to!"

  A good summing up of Kids Of Skids ( They featured on here earlier this year with their debut single, Army Store ( and since then they've spent their time in a state of frustration and despair about the global pandemic that's keeping them cooped up inside. Being stuck in isolation with not even any gigs to relieve the tedium is driving them mad. You can hear the anger in Phe Palazzi's voice as she vents her spleen on the band's new single. It seems as though the only time you can go out nowadays is to protest about shitty leaders or murderous cops. 

  The single's available from Riot Records and Golden Robot Records and you can find it here : 

  This is Trapped... 

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