Sunday 18 October 2020

The Freakees - Boredom


  Earlier this month I posted a song by Diode ( and mentioned that they featured members of a number of other bands, including The Freakees. To be honest I've no idea which one it is, presumably one of these : dante freakee (vox/synth), kt freakee (bass/guitar), gob-e freakee (guitar/bass), ian freakee (drums) or dukee freakee (guitar). Anyway, today you're getting a rip roaring cover of a Buzzcocks classic from The Freakees. 

  They're a lo-fi garage punk band from Los Angeles who over the course of the last 2 or 3 years have doled up a regular helping of noisy whacked out shouty goodness. You can tuck in "name your price" on Bandcamp : 

  Their latest tasty treat arrives in time for Halloween with the tag line "enjoy the scariest record in the world, by the scariest band in the world, in the scariest year in the world!". It's aptly titled Happy Halloween! and it serves up 6 tasty courses of trashy egg punk. 4 are original tracks and 2 are covers. As well as the aforementioned Buzzcocks classic there's also a pretty fucked up rendition of The Ramones' Chain Saw. 

  A fairly faithful rendition despite vocalist Dante sounding as though he's having a breakdown, this is one I'm recommending to all friends of mine. It's called Boredom...   

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