Saturday 10 October 2020

The New Brutarians - The New America


  The New Brutarians ( are a lo-fi rock n roll duo from Saint Petersburg, Florida, featuring Adam Turkel (guitar/piano/vocals) and Christina Wright (drums/bass). Amongst a lengthy list of influences are Alex Chilton, Nikki Sudden, Lou Reed, Gun Club, The Only Ones, Dogs D'amour, Rolling Stones bootlegs, Modern Lovers, Leonard Cohen & Johnny Thunders. 

  They formed in 2018 and have just released a new song in time for the upcoming US presidential election. It's a protest song that they only finished off recording a couple of nights ago at Gino Bambino's studio and the Gino And The Goons ( frontman plays bass on the track. It's a tale of a president who's fiddling whilst Rome burns around him. Who emboldens the fascist right whilst at the same time presiding over the highest Corvid death toll in the world. You can get it here :

  This is The New America... 

In poison air
the breaths hang thick
the president can suck my dick
light like a feather
we’re heaving bricks
no one’s buying these magic tricks

we don’t need a new election
we need the slate wiped black
these pigs fiddle their cum stained pockets
while kneeling on our backs

welcome to the new America
a for profit prison
welcome to the new America
built on fear and friction

we’re open come in enjoy
undocumented golf green keepers
their beige bambinos rot in cages
dreams of your minimum wages
lies lies lies vs scientific fact
200,000 dead
lets blame a bat
lies lies lies
being pushed as fact
well I, I, I, am pushing back

welcome to the new America
run by a titian tit
welcome to the new America
are you gonna stand for it?
welcome to the new amerikkka

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