Thursday 8 October 2020

Alien Nosejob - Sound Of Sirens


  I'm guessing most people have been like myself and spent 2020 doing pretty much the square root of fuck all. It's not been easy carrying on as normal during various pandemic lockdowns and restrictions but it doesn't seem to have stopped Jake Robertson from distilling his creative juices and issuing them in the form of a couple of albums. His name doesn't ring a bell? He's been in numerous bands (Ausmuteants, Drug Sweat, Hierophants, Leather Towel, No Limit, School Damage, Swab, The Frowning Clouds, The Snoozefests...) but most recently he's been busy with solo project Alien Nosejob. 

  From Clunes, Australia, there's already been January's Suddenly Everything Is Twice As Loud album (a track from it featured here : and now less than a year later he's followed it up with Once Again The Present Becomes The Past. Originally planned as a concept record about Australia’s first and largest air raid, the 1942 Bombing Of Darwin, it's gradually morphed into a body of work that suggests how "history is forever repeating itself. It continues to happen. It will happen again."  

  An example of history repeating itself is how Alien Nosejob have released another killer punk album. Aside from a few quiet moments (a couple of brief piano pieces and the haunting synth tracks The Day After and Dead Pelican), we're treated to some pretty pacey, whacked out garage punk. The synths in these are much faster and aggressive whilst I think it's fair to describe the vocals as manic. 

It's available on Anti Fade Records in Australia and Iron Lung Records (USA). For vinyl or digital download check here : or here :

  The song I'm highlighting below almost leaves you with the feeling of being amidst the rubble of a city undergoing an air raid attack. It's pretty full on and pummelling. It's called Sound Of Sirens... 

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