Wednesday 22 January 2020

Alien Nosejob - Black Sheep

  You might not recognise the name Jake Robertson but he's been one of the Aussie punk scene's most prolific figures in recent years. He's been in a few bands I'm familiar with such as Ausmuteants, School Damage and Hierophants and even more that I'm not (Drug Sweat, Leather Towel, No Limit, Swab, The Frowning Clouds, The Snoozefests...). He's also behind solo project Alien Nosejob, the Clunes based outfit responsible for several eps and the 2018 album Various Fads & Technological Achievements.

  Now there's a second album, it's available via Anti Fade Records and Drunken Sailor and it's titled Suddenly Everything Is Twice As Loud. It follows hot on the heels of last November's HC45 7" ( and where that ep was a hardcore rager, this time around we're treated to a more varied record. You may have heard excellent preview track Television Sets (it went down well on a recent Just Some Punk Songs show) but that's not the only stand out. Most of the tracks tread the line between indie punk and garage, if I was to make comparisons with another modern era band it'd probably be Freak Genes. For a solo project there's plenty going on. You can check it out here :

  This is one of the "punkier" tracks, a song about not fitting in, it's called Black Sheep...

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