Sunday 26 January 2020

The Ratz - Some Might Say

  "Once this Ratz record comes out people will be able to tell the difference. The major difference is Ines Segarra (formerly of Damn Broads) is now playing lead guitar and handling a ton of the vocal responsibility in The Ratz. The new record is more raw and in your face. To me it's very early Adolescents. Plus our songs are all close to one minute in length."

  That was a quote from a recent interview I did with Jeffrey Thunders, the frontman of New Haven punk bands The Lost Riots and The Ratz    ( I'd asked him what the differences were between the bands. Well, the new record has just been released and he was right, it's a trim, 8 song 7" old school, hardcore punk ripper. Just like they used to do back in the 80's. Available via Die Hipster Records, it's titled After The Blackout and with a running time of under 10 minutes it barrels through from start to finish leaving you gasping for breath and wanting more. You can check it out here :

  You can get more info on the band here :

  This song is about rising above the bullshit and it's called Some Might Say...

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