Monday 27 January 2020

Zip It - Boys

  Yesterday I posted a track about sex positivity and the high proportion of boys in bands and today you're getting a similar themed song which has the (rather excellent) singer telling us she doesn't want to be one of the guys or to be in your boy's club. Like yesterday's song, it's great.

  Zip It are a new band to me (and quite possibly you). They come from Detroit, and they line up with Rae (Vocals), Kyle (Vocals & guitar), Dee (Synth & duster), Lyn (Bass) and Mikey (Drums). They play Goblincore.

  The obvious question is, what the hell is Goblincore? Google tells me  "Goblincore is an aesthetic which is a twist on ‘dragoncore’. Goblincore celebrates not just flawless gems, dazzling metals, and meticulously kept treasuries, but also damaged coins, cool rocks, bits of scrap metal, maybe even beads, bugs, and buttons." That doesn't sound right in this case so I'll admit to being stumped (although it gives me an excuse to mention Goblin Reprise which is a song by Judy And The Jerks, a band which Zip It remind me of).

  They've just released what I assume is their debut ep. 5 tracks, all very decent and all indicating that Zip It are a band to watch. Fast paced spooky surf punk featuring cool synth work and hyper vocals. The lyrics are humorous rather than po-faced and topics covered include workshy wasters, late night partying and what sounds like a severe case of hyperactivity. It's titled Trash Baby and it might just be my favourite release of the year so far. You can snap it up name your price here :

  This is the lead track, it''s called Boys...

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