Tuesday 14 January 2020


(Photo : Kenny Inglis)

  You know what, I often wish I could stay in bed in the morning. Get up when I feel like it (preferably nursing a slight hangover), take the dog for a walk (or maybe to the beach!) and then spend the rest of the day online discovering new music for you wonderful people. Unfortunately I can only do that at weekends as I have to go to work Monday to Friday. Maybe, like Memes, I should have thrown my job application form in the bin...

  Memes (https://www.facebook.com/memestheband/) are a Scottish duo that play a frantic style of post punk. Their excellent debut single Blah Blah Blah (https://sixtonnesdechairrecords.bandcamp.com/album/blah-blah-blah) featured in the Just Some Punk Songs end of year chart and seemed to impress everyone who heard it. The follow up is just as exciting. It's available digitally from Fierce Panda : http://fiercepanda.co.uk/

  There's a number of really good UK bands breaking through at the moment that are obviously inspired by punk but who are splintering off in different directions (I suppose Idles, Slaves and Sleaford Mods are obvious examples as well as Fontaines D.C., Lovely Eggs and Football FC). Memes have everything to be up there with them. 2 singles, 2 winners. A very promising start indeed.

  This is J.O.B.S.

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