Sunday 11 October 2020

Kerosene Kream - Muzzle Me


  Kerosene Kream ( are a 5 piece Swedish band from Stockholm featuring members of Polyester, Caligulas Mamma and Sticky Baby : Edvin (vocals/guitar), Hilda (vocals), Adam (drums), Fredrik (bass) and Theo (synth). They released a split album last year with Caligulas Mamma ( It spawned this rather cool video for the song Dog SS 

  Earlier this month they resurfaced with a new ep titled Look Mum which features 4 tracks, one of them a recorded version of a track from the split (Where Is My Dog) plus 3 new ones. It's quirky synth infused fun and you can get it on vinyl from Push My Buttons : or as a digital download here :

  I think this is probably my favourite track, it continues with the canine theme and it's called Muzzle Me... 

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