Sunday 11 October 2020

The William Loveday Intention - My Love For You


  Well I know he's prolific, but even by his standards 4 new albums over the winter is pretty good going. That's the plan for a new project featuring Wild Billy Childish. They're called The William Loveday Intention and you can expect guest appearances by James Taylor (The Prisoners, JTQ), Dave Tattersall (The Wave Pictures) and Huddie Hamper (The Shadracks) amongst others. Album number 1, People Think They Know Me But They Don't Know Me is due this month on vinyl via Damaged Goods Records 

  Blazing a trail for the lp is a single featuring a track from the album with an exclusive release. A La Mort Surbite (sitting in Jacques Brel's Seat), is a homage to a Belgian boozer and features Billy on vocals. On the flip side we have J.W. Loveday (aka Billy's wife and long time collaborator Nurse Julie) on vocals. Very much inspired by many a spaghetti western soundtrack, it's a sultry, atmospheric ballad which suggests the upcoming albums could be varied in style and very good indeed. 

  Album Number 2, Will There Ever Be A Day That You're Hung Like a Thief? is scheduled for my birthday (13th November) and is available for pre order

  This is My Love For You... 

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