Thursday 15 October 2020

Stiff Richards - Kids Out On The Grass


  You've possibly noticed the highly anticipated new album from Melbourne's Stiff Richards is now out. You've also possibly already given it a listen. If so, I'm sure you're impressed. It's the follow up to 2019's excellent Dig and it doesn't disappoint. 

  Lining up with Wolfgang Buckley (vocals), Arron Mawson (guitar), Tim Garrard (guitar), Raf Heale (bass) and Lochie Cavigan (drums), the band have come up with another 9 rip roaring garage punk bangers which have left the fans wowed and hotly debating which is the stand out track; "This is a killer album. Talk my favourite so far"... "Glass is such an unreal song. Wow." 

  It's not easy to choose a favourite as the album is consistently good throughout but feel free to have a go (and let me know in the comments). It's available on vinyl (black or smokey red) and digitally from Legless Records so check it out :

  My highlight? After a couple of listens, I'm gonna go with this. Kids Out On The Grass... 

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