Sunday 18 October 2020

Rats From A Sinking Ship - Wuhan Calling


  Looney Lefties, Rats From A Sinking Ship ( return today with a track from their excellent new album Glamorous Terrorists. The Ilkeston rap punk outfit features a core duo of Lusty on vocals and Jamie Price on guitars and for this new album they welcome Kev Frost on drums (he's a genre veteran having been in numerous bands such as Sick On The Bus, The Backstreet Abortions, The Varukers etc). 

  The album will be out in time for Halloween and whilst it's too early yet to feature my favourite track from it (Dedicated Follower Of Fascism), I've had permission to give it a play on next Sunday's Just Some Punk Songs show so don't miss it. As for the rest of the album, it's unmistakably Rats From A Sinking Ship lp; Lusty spits out his sharply observational punk rhymes over a menacing rap/metal soundtrack. Aim is taken at worthy targets and hits dead centre. I did comment to Jamie that this time around I was picking up somewhat of a Bob Vylan vibe from the album to which he replied "Oh. Yeah I like their stuff. We'd actually demoed everything just before I heard We Live Here. I saw the similarities but it's just coincidence or synchronicity or whatever you'd call it. We keep trying to do something we've not tried before." 

  Other highlights include Out In The Woods Where She Finds Peace in which the first part of the track comes across like a hauntingly atmospheric piece of poetry backed with something approaching a delicate Nick Cave type soundtrack and Lewis Collins As Bodie which is one for the nostalgia freaks conjuring up memories of everything from The A Team, Grange Hill, R White's Lemonade, The Two Ronnies and J R Hartley! Closing track Death To The Ex is particularly hard hitting (and the most like Bob Vylan). It's an album not to be missed. 

  This is the video they've just released. It takes it's inspiration from a classic and updates it to comment on 2020's biggest issue (that's if you don't think climate change is an even bigger issue as that's the one that'll make this year seem like happy days!). It's titled Wuhan Calling... 


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