Friday 30 October 2020

Gaz Masters - Jimmy Corkhill's Eyes


  So, Who's Gaz Masters? 

  If you don't know, don't worry because until a couple of days ago neither did I. 

  But then I heard a track called Weird Pink Clouds In The Sky and immediately stuck it on the playlist for next week's Just Some Punk Songs UK special. And then yesterday, I heard another track from him (it transpires that in order to help him get through this latest spell in Covid induced lockdown he's writing music again and releasing a track a week). So far we've had 3, all are winners.   

  He's from Liverpool and he sounded too good for this to be his first project so I messaged him to ask if he'd been in a band before. He replied thus; 

  "Yeah been in bands before but just not for many moons, just started writing again at the beginning of lock down, and set my self up a little home studio , and ran with it really! Just been loving getting songs out there again, hoping once Covid fucks off to get on stage with them too, got a few lads who have took an interest! Just appreciate the listen more than anything at the beginning of the journey! Hoping as the weeks go to pick up people along the way! Got a few guests coming up as well of local artists who wanted to get involved so should be some good shit on the horizon too." 

  Well I'm impressed so far and will be keeping an eye (and an ear) on what comes next. If you want to do the same give him a like 

  The latest song was inspired by a chance meeting with local soap star Jimmy Corkhill. Gaz came across the former Brookside hardman whilst working in a stationary shop and he gave him tips on painting tools and utensils. It questions what goes on behind a person's eyes. Musically it reminds me of latter period Mega City 4 or maybe Crocodile God. It's indie rock meets punk and it comes highly recommended. All 3 songs are available name your price :  

  This is Jimmy Corkhill's Eyes... 

He came to me so gracefully, "'scuse me sir do you have A3?"
I never dreamed he'd paint away, this hard mans dreams drawn out this day
I long to see what's in that mind, what sort of madness might we find?
Take a day, to look inside, to see through the lens of Corkhill's eyes

I long to see, through Jimmy Corkhill's eyes (x3)

I used to think he's full of hate, but now I learn this monster paints
And does his art reflect his rage, we only guess what fills the page
Oh how I wish that I could see, to solve the mystery in me
We'd take a day, to look inside, to see through the lens of Corkhill's eyes

I long to see, through Jimmy Corkhill's eyes (x6)

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