Tuesday 13 October 2020

Sister Disaster - Fools


  So there I was, wondering what I could post for today's update and up pops Lorna from Rabies Babies with "...would you like me to send you a copy of the Girlz Disorder comp. The label sent us a few CDs extra and I thought it'd be good to send them to people who might enjoy hearing it and maybe play some tracks on your show sometime. The UK bands on the comp are us, Ramonas and Menstrual Cramps, who I know you will have heard of, and the rest of the bands are all female from all over the world, all proper punk. I'd never heard of any of them but they are all really great bands." 

  The 3 UK bands certainly are really great so I was more than happy to check out the rest of the comp. I didn't even wait for the cd, I went straight to Bandcamp and like a hungry kid at the Woolworth's Pick And Mix counter I gorged myself on some of the tasty treats on offer. The comp boasts "24 100% female punk / hardcore bands from 15 countries" and includes songs from places like Brazil, Poland, Peru, Colombia, Lithuania, Indonesia, Singapore, Mexico etc... The standard is high throughout and you're guaranteed to discover something new that you like. It's available via French label Mass Prod and you can find it here : https://massprod.bandcamp.com/album/girlz-disorder 

  I'll play a couple of different tracks on next week's Just Some Punk Songs show but the song I'm posting below is by Finnish band Sister Disaster (https://www.facebook.com/sisterdisasterband/). They're from Jyväskylä, line up with Hanna (bass), Sanna (guitar), Kaa (vocals/guitar) and Riikka (drums) and in 2018 they released an album titled Away which you can download "name your price" on Bandcamp :  https://sisterdisaster.bandcamp.com/album/away 

  This song is called Fools...

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