Thursday 29 October 2020

UkePunk - Overspill


  UkePunk ( are the Ramsbottom 4 piece who formed back in 2009 and who've spent the last decade or so releasing music about the important things in life such as motorways, right wing tabloids, wannabe James Bonds, traffic wardens and celebrity lexicographers. They line up with Paulus Device (Uke), Andy Moore (Bass), Luke Taylor (Percussion) and Glenn Jackson (Keys). 

  They're releasing a new album in the new year, their 3rd, and it'll be titled Overspill. For a limited period, the title track is available on Bandcamp as a name your price download 

  It shows a more serious side of a band that are known for their wry sense of observational humour. With a cry of Fuck The Tories, they comment thus; "Anyone who grew up on a council estate or relocated from our major cities will understand the sentiment of this song. We were and are the overspill generation." It's about climbing trees, jumpers for goalposts, knock down ginger and scrumping. It's about humble beginnings and being proud of your roots. 

  It's called Overspill... 

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