Friday 5 September 2014

Nancy - (Get The) Revvup

After a few days of quality old hardcore punk, today we get back up to date with a recent slice of catchy pop punk/rock n roll that might remind you of Mean Jeans or possibly Nobunny. A two piece from Brooklyn, New York, Nancy aren't afraid to add spoonfuls of sugar to their brand of garage punk. As everyone knows, too much sugar can rot your teeth but these guys add just enough to cause your feet to twitch and your heart to soar. I've seen them compared to The Spits and The Ramones which as far as bands to be compared to goes ain't something anyone would be upset about. 2013 saw the release of an 8 track s/t demo lp and this year they follow that up with an infectious 7" single which contains the catchy as hell tracks (Get The) Revvup and (Why Am I) Crying? Rather splendidly, they're available "name your price" here : so sling them a few bucks and enjoy a sugar rush. This is (Get The) Revvup......

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