Thursday 25 September 2014

Noi!se - Pawn in the Game

   I've had a really good track from the new album by Noi!se queued up for adding for a couple of weeks now but have been slightly sidetracked rattling through a few of the old classics I wanted to get posted. Today however I've just read a glowing review of The Scars We Hide on Dying Scene ( ) and it's made me decide to add the song today. Noi!se are a 4 piece from Tacoma and Seattle who are inspired by all your favourite street punk and oi bands (Cock Sparrer, SLF, Blitz, Anti-Heroes, Menace, The Templers etc), they write songs that deal with world issues and their take on things as opposed to what you might read in the popular press. Since forming in 2009 and then releasing their first ep in 2010, they've been fairly productive, releasing a couple of albums and several ep's (including a split with Street Dogs). Impressive stuff considering a couple of them serve in the US army and therefore find the time they can spend on band duties somewhat limited. Frontman Matt Henson has one of the best voices around and he also plays a mean bass, as evidenced on this track, from the new album, this is Pawn In The Game......

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