Sunday 28 September 2014

The Gee Strings - Arrest me baby

More top notch Euro punk rock today, this time by a band based in Koln/Aachen, Germany. Formed in 1994, The Gee Strings feature the distinctive vocals of Ingenius Pop, a frontwoman often compared to Joan Jett, as well as Bernadette on guitar, Mad Macst on bass and drummer Amazing Buanax. Between 1996 and 2006 they released 4 albums (The Gee Strings, Alternative Losers, Arrest Me and A Bunch Of Bugs). There was also the 16 Tracks Of Non-Stop PunkRock compilation in 2004 and they recorded new material earlier this year but as far as I'm aware it's not yet been released. Veterans of many a sweaty gig, they've shared a stage with the likes of The Buzzcocks, The Lurkers, The Stitches, Turbonegro and many more. A good example of their brand of scuzzy '77 influenced punk n roll, this is Arrest Me Baby......

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