Sunday, 7 September 2014

The Inserts - Komm Her!

Most of the music in this blog seems to emanate from either the UK or the USA, I do include music from the rest of the world (off the top of my head this includes the likes of France, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Switzerland, Denmark Australia, Spain, Japan and no doubt a few other places which have slipped my memory) but I should try harder to find more (I'm open to suggestions so if you're in Greenland, Cuba or The United Arab Emirates etc and you know of a killer punk band (I need to like them to add them so if our tastes differ don't get offended if your favourite band don't get added!) please let me know).

An example of a killer punk band from "the rest of the world" would be The Inserts, an all girl group from Berlin who formed on New Years Eve 2009 following the demise of a band called Crumpets. After a few line up changes they now feature Elli Aperol (vocals), Nanke The Anchor (bass), Gabriale Fatale (guitar) and Maschina Acidwitch (drums), the band released a debut ep in 2013 and you can listen to it in it's entirety here :
As you'll notice, there's a strong 1977 vintage punk influence, which can only ever be a good thing in my opinion. My knowledge on the band isn't great, as far as I know they're managing to gig fairly regularly but I've no idea when new material will be forthcoming (so if anyone in the know would like to add more in the comments that'd be great). From the ep, this is the title track Komm Her! I think it's great......

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