Saturday 6 September 2014

Night Birds - Thrilling Murder

"The human race is worthless man, and they should all be killed."

Today I'm in the mood for a snappy punk song that I can sing along to so after a little thought I'm going to post an oldie by New Jersey surf punks Night Birds. The band formed early in 2009 after bassist Joe Keller's previous band The Ergs split up. They announced themselves to the world with a demo and followed this up in 2010 with a 5 track s/t ep (from which today's song comes) and the Killer Waves single. 2011 saw them working like crazy, seemingly constant touring as well as the Midnight Movies single and a debut album (The Other Side Of Darkness) plus their Fresh Kills compilation. Since then, they've become one of punks most popular acts, releasing a couple more classic singles and the 2013 album, Born To Die In Suburbia. Featuring their trademark guitar sound and vocalist Brian Gorsegner revealing how he spends his nights dreaming about ridding the world of assholes, this is Thrilling Murder.....

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