Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Rancid - Collision Course

Yesterday's update was by the UK Subs whilst today I'm posting a new song by a band who feature an ex Uk Sub in their line up. You've probably guessed by now that the person I'm referring to is Lars Frederiksen and the band is Rancid. Formed in Berkeley, California, in 1991 by ex Operation Ivy members Tim Armstrong and Matt Freeman (as well as drummer Brett Reed), they were originally a 3 piece before Lars joined them in 1993. Since then, they've been one of punk's biggest names, when classic punk albums are discussed, their 1995 ...And Out Come The Wolves is often mentioned (though my favourite is probably their 2000 s/t disc). It's been 5 years since their last album (though since then there's probably been several hundred songs released by various solo and side projects) but from the new songs that have been teased out, their new record, Honor Is All We Know, is going to be well worth the wait. From it, this is Collision Course......

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