Thursday 16 June 2016

Ghost On Tape - Is It A Car Crash We Are Living Now?


  If you caught yesterday's update, you'll have hopefully by now snapped up a great "name your price" album by Hot Mass. Today, you can grab hold of the excellent new ep from Ghost On Tape. Like the Hot Mass lp, it's also "name your price" and it's also out on Brassneck Records (who are building up one hell of an impressive catalogue of releases which you can check out here :

  Ghost On Tape formed in 2012 and are a French/Italian punk outfit from Toulouse (Fr.) and Udine (It.) who feature Mathieu Zuzek (guitar/vocals)   Francesco Brown (vocals/bass) and John (drums).

  Shortly after getting together they released the Occulted Times album, this was followed in 2013 by the Double Scared ep (which was a split with I Was A Teenage Alien). 2015 saw them unleash the mightily impressive Into The Maze album and their new ep is called Ignoring All Traffic Lights. You can check them all out here :

  I played a song from the new ep on the most recent Just Some Punk Songs show (you can listen to the show here if you fancy an hour's worth of great music : )  and it went down very well with the people in the chat room so I'll post it to a wider audience here. This is Is It A Car Crash We Are Living Now?......

We hold on to a broken spine 
Pieces of glass stuck in our eyes 
We're about to die. 
Is it a car crash we're living now? 

We're heading to a dead end road, 
Our heavy hearts ready to implode. 
Is it a car crash we're living now? 
Is it a car crash we are living now? 

Driving away from our history, 
Ignoring all traffic lights, 
We fade away, we fade away, we fade away, 
As you stay in silence, I'm choking by your side.

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