Friday 3 June 2016

Vista Blue - Striking Out With You

  There's a couple of good things about Vista Blue, not only are they the catchiest power pop-punk band around but rather splendidly they seem to release a new ep every few weeks. Hopefully you've already seen me banging on about how great they are and have checked out their bandcamp ( It's said the devil has all the best tunes, if that's true then the guys from Vista Blue must have tunnelled into the vaults of hell and availed themselves of those tunes.

  There was a spike in interest in the band recently when current press darlings Pears covered one of their songs (Sisters In Christ) for their record day single, this interest is sure to continue throughout the coming few months as not only have they just unveiled a new baseball themed ep called Pray For Rain but they've several more releases lined up. In July there'll be a 20 song baseball themed cd on Radiant Radish, August will bring an Olympics ep, a theme to be announced ep will follow in September and then a horror themed ep will be out in time for Halloween. Members of the band are also currently finishing up recording a reunion ep for NOLA power pop outfit Sally Stitches, it'll be their first release since 2003. Did I mention they were prolific!

  Anyway, here's their latest home run, this is the lead track from the new ep, Striking Out With You......

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