Friday 24 June 2016

Enemies Of Promise - Know Your Shame


  A song today that's pretty much nailed on to feature in my best of 2016 list. Enemies Of Promise featured previously on this blog when i posted a song from their debut album, Heroes And Villains ( They're back with a brand new ep called Hearthland and it's really rather good. Featuring 2 men (Ade Bailey, Rob Shinfield) and a beat-box (Gove), they're an impassioned, intelligent band that aren't afraid to nail their colours to the forehead of the nearest politician.

  If you'd like to check out their music, and why wouldn't you, then click here : If you'd like to check out more great music, Ade Bailey hosts the excellent Revolution Rock internet show which broadcasts on Tuesday night's at 9pm (GMT). You can listen to all the previous shows in the showreel section :

  The lead track from the new ep is about the hot topic of whistleblowers. Mentioned in the lyrics are the likes of Dr David Kelly, Julian Assange and Bradley/Chelsea Manning. There's also an Arthur Scargill sample. It's music to get you thinking as you sing along.

  This is Know Your Shame......


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  1. Madre mia! Rushing to listen more of them on soundcloud: memory is not my best skill, but I think I remember about Mr. Ade: he can't be like you, but I think he's the guy who's so much smart with everybody (and, inexplicably, with me too.)He's probably ashamed because I am not being present at your shows, yes.