Saturday, 28 July 2018

Spoilers - Roundabouts

  One band who caught my, and many other people's, attention 3 years back were Canterbury melodic punk band Spoilers. They burst onto the scene with debut ep Stay Afloat, their song Punk's Don't Die being a particular anthem from that summer. If you missed the ep then I'd advise you to check it out :

  Since then they've been fairly quiet. There's been gigs (often alongside UK punk legends Snuff) but the only other release was 2016's split ep with No Marks, (although frontman Dan Goatham put out acoustic versions of 3 of their songs on an ep last year ). Yesterday I was pleased to discover they're getting ready to release their debut album. It'll be titled Roundabouts and as well as unveiling a video for the title track, they've made the album available for pre order (4 colour variations for the vinyl) : It'll be available in the UK via Boss Tunage and Brassneck as well as SBAM Fest (Europe), Little Rocket Records (North America/Canada) and Waterslide Records (Japan).

  If you're near Cleethorpes tomorrow you'll be able to catch them sharing a stage with Bad Cop/Bad Cop, Bombpops and Billy Liar whereas next month will see them touring Europe with bands the calibre of Lagwagon, Lillingtons, The Lawrence Arms etc. Check out details here :

  As catchy as they ever were, This is Roundabouts... 

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