Monday 6 October 2014

Top 10 Songs Chosen By Greg Steak (The Kimberly Steaks)

Today I'm posting another top 10 list, this one's by Greg Steak who's the frontman of Glasgow pop punkers The Kimberly Steaks. I featured them back in February ( ) but want to say again how great they are. Their latest album, To Live And Die In West Central Scotland is one of this years best releases and I highly recommend you check it out here :
Greg sent a message with his top 10 saying that he deliberately avoided some of his favourite bands that he couldn't pick a particular song for (Ramones, Black Flag, Fugazi and Husker Du to name a few). He also found it impossible to rank them so he's put them in chronological order (so instead of the usual 1-10, I'll list them with dates). He was also kind enough to provide youtube links to make tracking them down a little easier. Thanks Greg, it's a good selection.....

The Nerves - "One way ticket" (1976)

The Soft Boys - "I wanna destroy you" (1980)

The dB's - "Black and white" (1981)

Minutemen - "History Lesson Part 2" (1984)

The Replacements - "Unsatisfied" (1984)

New Bomb Turks - "Born Toulouse-Lautrec" (1993)

Scared of Chaka - "Automatic" (1997)

Osker - "Strangled" (2001)

The Exploding Hearts - "Modern kicks" (2003)

The Marked Men - "Fix my brain" (2006)

For song of the day, I'm choosing I Wanna Destroy You by The Soft Boys. Formed in Cambridge in 1976 and featuring, amongst others, Robyn Hitchcock and Kimberley Rew, this song is a classic......

I wanna destroy you
I wanna destroy you
I wanna destroy you
I wanna destroy you
I feel it coming on again
Just like it did before
They feed your pride with boredom
And they lead you on to war
The way you treat each other
Really makes me feel ill
Cause if you want to fight
Then you're just dying to get killed
I wanna destroy you
I wanna destroy you
A pox upon the media
And everything you read
They tell you your opinions
And they're very good indeed
I wanna destroy you
And when I have destroyed you
I'll come picking at your bone
And you won't have a single atom left
To call your own
I wanna destroy you
I wanna destroy you
Wanna destroy you
Wanna destroy you
Wanna destroy you

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