Wednesday 1 October 2014

Angry Angles - You fell in

Today's update comes from a collaboration between Jay Reatard and his ex girlfriend Alix Brown (previously a member of The Lids). Angry Angles were a fairly short lived Memphis act who released a handful of singles between 2005-6, they've been compared to Wire in several reviews, their songs were catchy and smart slabs of post punk goodness. Unfortunately, a planned album was scuppered when an electrical storm caused a power surge that fried Jay's hard drive, the majority of the tracks being readied for the album were lost. Possibly my favourite of the stuff they did manage to put out and taken from the Apparent-Transparent ep, this is the really rather wonderful You Fell In......

creatures hiding in their holes, hungry with the winter cold, you bring them meat, to wet their beak, to creatures hiding in their holes, you fell in! Woo Pushed in, you fell in to a pit. keeping secrets in a hole, thinking that no one could know, you told someone, to spoil their fun, for creatures hiding in their hole, you fell in! Woo pushed in, you fell into a PIT!

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