Friday 24 October 2014

No Sir I Won't - Bring The Boys Back Home

 An impassioned plea to Bring The Boys Back Home today by a band that owe a lot to a certain anarchist collective who were based in Dial House, Epping and who are also influenced by the likes of Conflict and Chumbawamba. Unlike their kindred spirits, No Sir I Won't aren't English, they hail from Boston Massachusetts and they manage to make what was pretty much an 80's sound seem fresh and relevant (although as many of the issues the original anarcho punk bands were addressing have never gone away it's unfortunate that this kinda stuff is always relevant). Featuring members of Brain Killer and Libyans, the band have gigged with the likes of Good Throb and Priests (who have both appeared in this blog and share similar social concerns) and if you want to hear more, name your price for pretty much all of their stuff here :

  From the Whole Fucking World Is Shit ep, this is Bring The Boys Back Home....

System system with a capital S 
But who signs the papers? Who cleans up the mess? 
Are we janitors in the belly of the beast? 
Scrubbing the floors of a windowless office 
corporation co-operation 
while the real men of courage are down at the station 
hey bring me a coffee with plenty of cream 
while down in the cells we nod off and dream 
of la la la la la la la la 
love and peace and anarchy 
and all of the people we wanted to be 
And when we get out we feel so alone 
waiting for someone to bring the boys back home 

the system that makes the poor fight the wars of the rich 
forced to choose between soldier for the cause or digger in the ditch 

System system well it don't mean a thing 
a clockwork doll built to shoulder the burden 
a remedy by way of omission 
ignoring the truth behind our oppression 
the throne is empty, god is dead 
so we bow to the masters in our own heads 
and stand in line at the demonstration 
with a sign that has written "Bring the Boys Back Home" 

but what will we do if they really appear? 
Give em a handshake and buy them a beer? 
then throw them OUT on their ass when the last train's gone 
with nothing to eat, no way to keep warm 
then down by the river, the boredom sets in 
while they're up in the boardroom drinking tonic and gin 
bulletproof glass makes the silence complete 
so they don't hear the chant that rises up from the streets... 
...and they don't care anyway 
[Bring the boys back home - chant] 

the system that makes the poor fight the wars of the rich 
forced to choose between soldier for the cause or digger in the ditch


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