Saturday 25 October 2014

Nobodys - Bring it Back

"Shoot them and hang them and make them cry, I believe in an eye for an eye..."

Not all the bands featured herein are deep thinking socially concious types

Hailing from Colorado Springs, porno loving, tongue in cheek pop punk band Nobodys formed in 1993 and announced themselves with an ep titled Perfect. 1996 saw a Joe Queer produced debut album, Short Songs For Short Attention Spans, which brought them to the attention of a wider audience. The following year they did it again with another classic, this one called The Smell Of Victory (this time the producer was Warren Fitzgerald of The Vandals). 1998 saw 2 albums, Generation XXX and a collection of their early, hard to find stuff which they snappily entitled Greatasstits. They continued on until the early 2000's before they went their seperate ways, although they have toured  sporadically since. Hopefully one day we'll get new material but until then, here's a track off 1995's Politically Incorrect ep, this is Bring It Back....

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