Wednesday 5 November 2014

The Shangri-Blahs - Sä et Markku tiedä kaikkee


With impeccable timing, as I was sat at my pc wondering which of the songs I have lined up I should add today I received a message from Finnish band The Shangri-Blahs. From Helsinki and featuring Martti (lead vocals, guitar), Tommi (bass, backing vocals), Magnum (guitar), Lasse (sax) and Jarkko (drums, backing vocals), they tell me that they're a '77 punk/power pop/ rock n roll outfit who have thus far operated in English (one of their songs featured on a recent Garagepunk compilation : )  but they've reverted to their native tongue on their latest release, a 4 track ep called Rankka Paiva.
  Roughly translated it means A Hard Day but it is also the Finnish title of the Michael Douglas movie, Falling Down. The band tell me the theme of the ep is "At what point should one's private distress become a matter for the surrounding community? How much can you ask for help before you're considered a beggar? If a door is closed, are you allowed to force it open if someone behind it is screaming? We seek to address these issues with three-chord choruses. We may not have the answers, but neither do you."
  You can grab hold of their new ep on their bandcamp, the lead track, Sa Et Markku Tieda Kaikkee is featured below.....

Markku sai postia postiluukusta 
Joka toinen viikko sais lapsia tavata 
Hovioikeus päättii niin, 
pääsi Markulta oksennus olkkariin 
Älä hyvä mies tee mitään mitä joudut vielä katumaan 

Sä et Markku tiedä kaikkee 
Kuka sulle öisin soittelee 
Sä et Markku ymmärrä kaikkee 
Miks sun lapset äidiltä tullessaan itkee 

Markku vaan bailaa laivan buffassa 
Onnenkeksi lupas pahempaa on luvassa 
Tyhjyys sisällään suunnaton, 
auttaa kaverit, kalja ja rock'n'roll 
Mut olet vain osiesi summa ja just nyt se ei oo paljookaan 

Sä et Markku tiedä kaikkee 
kuten miksi vitussa itikat inisee 
Sä et Markku ymmärrä kaikkee 
Miks sun lapset äidiltä tullessaan itkee

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