Thursday 10 February 2022

Star Party - Push You Aside


  Although they've only released a Demo ep and had a track included on the Girlsville Records' Paid By Rock compilation since they formed in a Seattle living room in March 2020, Star Party have become a big favourite of mine. The news that there's a debut album out on 11th March has got me more than a little excited. It's gonna be called Meadow Flower and there'll be a ltd edition pastel green vinyl version available so go pre order it now


   If you heard the 2 songs I've already posted by the band, covers of songs you may have previously heard by The Shop Assistants & The Primitives, you'll know they're influenced by fuzzed up, C86 era indie pop. The album is said to "seamlessly mesh together noise, melody, and harmony as Carolyn Brennan's soft and clearly American vocals float over waves of feedback and drum machine racket like a delicate mist sitting just above a mountain lake."  Yep, it's an album I'm definitely looking forward to!

  This is a taste of what to expect. It's called Push You Aside... 

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