Saturday 26 February 2022

Cyanide Pills - The Kids Can't Be Trusted With Rock 'n' Roll


  Do you wanna know who are the catchiest UK punk band since The Buzzcocks? 

  Well that would be Cyanide Pills (

  They're one of those bands that you just know are going to turn out a classic whenever they get into the recording studio. They know how to exactly pair up the melody of power pop with the grittiness of punk rock to conjure up music that would definitely have bothered the upper reaches of the charts and been on regular mainstream radio rotation if it had been released in the late 70's. You probably already know and love their 3 studio albums, Cyanide Pills (2010), Still Bored (2013) & Sliced And Diced (2017). You'll definitely be looking forward eagerly to their new album which is scheduled for later this year.

  Will the new album be a departure for the band or will it be more lovingly crafted musical ear worms? The obvious answer after listening to their new single appears to suggest it's business as usual. 

  The single is available on 7" vinyl and digital download via Damaged Goods Records, both sides are equally as good and you can get it here :

  This is called The Kids Can't Be Trusted With Rock 'n' Roll...

 Ever been interrogated by the punk rock police? 
 Are you manufactured by a company?
 Is your band real or plastic?
 Have you ever paid a thousand quid for a poster?
 Can the kids be trusted with rock n roll?

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  1. Best punk band in England since the 54 an never stopped listening to punk so I know.brilliant live n all.