Saturday 5 February 2022

Vintage War - Walmart Army


  Who remembers The Briggs? They're the LA street punk band that formed around the turn of the Millennium who featured on here back in 2016 ( 

  I've just been tipped off that vocalist Joey LaRocca is back with a new band. They're called Vintage War ( and they also feature Briggs bassist Derik Envy. Filling out the line up are Steven Sciazko (Guitar) & Dylan Howard (Drums).


  They've just released a debut ep titled Plague State and this time around it sounds like old school hardcore rather than street punk is the order of the day. Unsurprisingly, they're still damn catchy with all 6 tracks hitting the mark. They're a more ferocious beast than The Briggs but no less enjoyable. Fast paced and politically astute, you'll want to check them out :

  This is my early favourite, it's called Walmart Army... 

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