Thursday 21 December 2017

Rik & The Pigs - Blue Jean Queen

  Rik & The Pigs are a lo-fi punk band from Olympia, Washington that originally started up as a solo project for Eric Meyer and has expanded into the current 6 piece outfit. "Ricky" Meyer had previously honed his chops in bands such as Sweet Tooth, Shaved Women and Mongoloid.

  The first Pigs releases appeared in 2015, there was a demo on Lumpy Records, and the Pig Sweat 7" on Total Punk. Other releases include 2016's Volume 11 cassette and a bunch of singles (Life's A Bust, Baked Transformer and Don't Tell On Me). You can check them all out here : 

  Now we come hurtling towards the end of 2017 and Feel It Records have released a new 3 track ep. 2 are new songs and one is a reworking of early favourite TV Bloopers. You can check it out here :

There'll be a new record from them in the new year :

 Until then, this is the opening song from the current ep. It features Rik wanting to get stoned with The Rolling Stones, he's getting an evil stare like Sonny from Cher... The song's a great slice of sax and drugs and punk "n" roll. Check it out.

  This is Blue Jean Queen....

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