Wednesday 29 December 2021

RABBIT - Gone Gone Gone


  Whilst we wait to see what musical delights 2022 has in store for us, let's have a look back at a song that featured on the show earlier this year but didn't make it onto the blog. 

  RABBIT are yet another one of the many great bands that Australia is offering up at the moment. They're from Hobart, Tasmania. They play a mix of garage rock and power pop and their sound manages to be both instantly familiar but also fresh and invigorating. Their intention is to write and release roughed up pop songs with "overdriven guitars and demo-quality recording." They line up thus; Maggie Edwards (vocals), Bobby K (guitar/vocals), Claire Johnston (bass) & Willy Wyers (drums). 

  They formed around 18 months ago and in October they released a debut 7" ep on Rough Skies Records titled Gone. It was recorded & mixed by Zac Blain and mastered by Mikey Young (pretty much everything from down under seems to be mastered by Mikey Young nowadays, maybe that's why everything ends up sounding so good). It features 3 tracks, all very impressive and you can find it here : 

This is the title track, it's the result of a traumatic breakup and it's called Gone Gone Gone...  

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