Friday 31 December 2021

Daughter Bat & the Lip Stings - Botched Boob Job


  First things first, Happy New Year everyone. 2021, just like 2020 has been pretty fucked up due to Covid. 2022 looks as though it could be the same. But at least we still have loads of great new music to get us through. Let's finish the year with a brand new release from down under. 

  Hailing from Sydney, Daughter Bat & the Lip Stings featured on here in the summer of 2020 when one of my occasional guest reviewers, Simon Geddis, managed to grab a word with Angus Lewis, the man behind the solo project The song which featured on that update, Preemptive Strike, went on to make the JSPS Top 50 end of year chart. 

  There's now a new ep out titled More Love Songs and although it's come too late to feature in this year's chart it is going to get a plug today. It's 5 new tracks of diy egg punk. It's fun, it's catchy, it's available here :

  This is my pick of the bunch, it's called Botched Boob Job... 

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