Saturday 4 December 2021

Ouzo! - State of Affairs


  Ouzo! ( are a "4 piece rock and or roll band" from Melbourne featuring a line up of Nathan Korver, Aidan Link-Freeman, Josh Peeters & Veeka Nazarova. They released an ep last December titled Dried Tomato and then featured on the Just Some Punk Songs show in October with a track called Balloons. The flip side of an upcoming single, it was a fresh sounding blast of energetic post punk that didn't sound much like anyone else but did make the listeners want to hear what the  A side had to offer. 

  And now we know. It offers up another very good song which I'm sure will go down equally as well when I play it on tomorrow's show. It's available on 7" through Weather Vane Records (AU), Polaks Records (EU) & French Wine Records (EU)

  This is State Of Affairs... 

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