Wednesday 6 May 2020

Las Ratapunks - Ministerio

  Las Ratapunks ( are from Cajamarca in Peru and formed when friends Anabel (YK) Rojas, Kiara Lozano Núñez and Irma Cabrera Abanto decided they wanted to make some noise and despite not really knowing how to play their instruments started rehearsing and quickly (within a week) found themselves playing a gig. Soon after they replaced original bassist Vani with Wendi Galleta and things began to come together.

  They released an ep in 2017 titled Ratas de Ciudad (City Rats) and have recently followed it up with another titled Fracaso, año de la rata 2020 (Failure, Year Of The Rat 2020). Lyrics are in their native tongue but themes dealt with are universal; political corruption, exploitation, shattered childhood, sexism etc. Possibly a new band to many of you but one that you should embrace.

  You can check out the ep here :

  This track sees them fighting against the avoidance of punishment offered up to a genocidal state and is called Ministerio...

El estado genocida nos quiere matar
Estado feminicida nos va a atacar
Ministerio de injusticia no haces nada
Ministerio de injusticia de impunidad x2

Vamos a luchar contra la impunidad
Vamos a gritar la realidad
Miles de casos sin solución
Y todo tan lleno de corrupción x2

Ministerio de injusticia x4
Impunidad x3

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