Sunday 31 May 2020

Sex Dream - Lydia vs Daleks

  Sex Dream ( are a Chicago based 4 piece who combine catchy pop tunes with the energy and punk attitude of The Ramones. Vocalist/bassist Maria Surfinbird is a familiar figure on the Ramonescore scene both with her solo releases, her Russian band Surfinbird  ( and with her guest appearances like the one I posted about a couple of years ago when she featured on The Bity's version of a Riverdales classic (

  As well as Maria, the band also features Zach (guitar/vocals), Tmmie (guitar/1234s) and Andrew (drums). They recently released a debut album, mixed & mastered by Marky Kobane and featuring 6 pop punk originals plus a beefed up version of Britney Spears' Oops I Did It Again. It's titled Candle On My Skin and it's sure to go down a storm with the bubblegum punk brigade. You can find it here

  When you listen to Maria singing, her voice is very beguiling and there's a definite frisson to be had from the title track. Other highlights include Don't Trust This Love and the fun, cat loving Meow Mix. The song you're getting today though is the opening track, it's all silky smooth vocals, gorgeous backing harmonies and a rocking beat. And it features a girl in danger of being exterminated! This is Lydia vs Daleks...

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