Wednesday 27 May 2020

Yammerer - Life in the New Build

 (photo : Kevin Barrett)

  Based in Liverpool, Yammerer are a post punk band featuring Jason Corbett (vocals), Garvin Cosgrove (guitar), Steve Dee (guitar), Conor Simpson (bass) and Jason Dugdale (drums). They released their debut ep, Reality Escape Resort, last year on Chester label Restless Bear ( and it earned them plenty of gushing reviews and comparisons with the likes of The Fall, Can, Gang Of Four, Wire, Minutemen...

  They also released a record store day cassette which has recently been added to Bandcamp as a name your price download. Titled Donnay Death Housing Cryssis it features a couple of tracks that are both rambling and hypnotic. You can find it here :

  50HB is a 5 minute psychedelic trip that sees Corbett shouting "burn it to the ground" as the music weaves and warps it's way around him. The song you'll find below is a little more spiky with some great guitar meanderings but it's still dominated by the in your face vocals. It's called Life In The New Build...

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