Saturday 16 May 2020

MC16 - Brave New Word

  It's always great to see a band that you've been shouting about for a while doing well and looking at the quality of the latest video by Shropshire trio MC16 ( not only is their music very impressive, they also have the wherewithal to promote it with a very polished visual accompaniment. I was going to comment how much their sound has progressed and how tight they now sound but listening back to the first song I heard by them it's pretty clear they were fully formed right from the start (

  It's no surprise their new single is great, everything they've released thus far has been top notch. I hope we get an album in due course but until then I suggest you head over to Bandcamp and check out their small but stellar back catalogue :

  Available as a name your price download, Brave New Word describes how once we could bullshit in the school playground about how our dad was bigger than your dad, how he was in the SAS or was a member of the IRA. Nowadays we can just make up false identities for ourselves online. The internet has become the playground. There's so much sensationalism about that we're numbed to real world events as very little shocks anymore. Not only do they write a good tune, MC16 are a band with relevant things to say....

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