Sunday, 3 May 2020

Knife Club - Do You Want a Knife with That Salad?

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  Knife Club ( have just released one of the best albums of the year. They're a band who's identity was shrouded in much secrecy until they spilled the beans in a recent interview with Sarah Williams over on Shout Louder ( It turns out they're members of several bands you'll already know (and hopefully love) and line up thus; Zoë Barrow (Casual Nausea/Mousebrass) – vocals. Eliott Verity (Nosebleed) – guitar/vocals. Dan Flanagan (Haest/Matilda’s Scoundrels) – guitar. Dani Rascal (Faintest Idea) – bass/vocals. Big Hands (Revenge Of The Psychotronic Man) – drums. Andy Davies (Revenge Of The Psychotronic Man) – vocals.

  They've been drip feeding a few tracks ahead of the album release and they certainly attracted our attention. Out now on top Manchester DIY label TNS Records, the album is titled We Are Knife Club and it's causing somewhat of a stir. You can get it on vinyl and cd here :

Digital is here :

   In the main we're treated to a shouty punk delight with joint male & female vocals that sounds fresh and is relevant to today's society. It's bordering on hardcore but those edges are softened with plenty of hooks and melody (for example The Tibby Tan Tiger will no doubt go down as one of 2020's catchiest tunes). Lyrics rail against the 1% who hoard most of the money whilst public services desperately need more funding and those amongst the working class who turn the chance down of improving their lives and vote Tory. Other topics include insomnia, selfishness and style over substance. You'll love it, check it out.

  This song is called Do You Want A Knife With That Salad...

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