Friday 23 December 2016

Glenn Robinson - Don't Want To Go

  A big thank you to Ramone To The Bone head honcho Mark Ramohn today, for several years now RTTB Records have been releasing Ramones influenced old school pop punk compilations showcasing the music of bands from all corners of the globe. Marc also does his best to stream as many great new releases as he can get his hands on. His latest love letter to the scene is a massive 59 track tribute album to Teenage Bottlerocket. Not only does it feature totally radical music, there's also superb cover art courtesy of the mega talented Ole O'Brian. Oh, and did I mention it's all name your price! Go snap it up here : and whilst your there check out some of the other RTTB releases.

  Earlier this year it looked as though Ramone To The Bone was no more. Marc was seriously ill and not only did it seem the label was a gonna, it looked like he was too. Fortunately not only for Marc but for the pop punk world his health improved and he rapidly returned to doing what he does best. As he's doing this to promote music as opposed to make money, RTTB have paid for 15,000 free downloads so hopefully everyone who wants the comp can grab it for free.

  Selecting a song for this update was far from easy as there's plenty to choose from but as I've already featured several of the bands involved (Prozacs, Batfoot, The 99ers, Kobanes, The Decline, Silver Foxes etc etc etc...) I decided I wanted to go with someone different. I'd not heard much by Glenn Robinson but I was mightily impressed with the Desk Job ep that came out earlier this year so I wasn't surprised to discover that his contribution was a grade A winner.

  From Rhode Island, he's "been having fun making music since '97". You can check out his Bandcamp page here (I need to listen to more of the releases on there myself) :

  This is Don't Want To Go......

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