Thursday, 22 December 2016

Gouge Away - Wildflowers

  Credit where credit's due, my thanks go out to former Dr And The Crippens' bassist Wayne Elliott who throughout 2016 has been responsible for introducing me to some great music via his Pulsebeat show. Several of those songs have appeared on this blog and today I'm posting one that he played on the latest show. Yesterday he broadcast part one of a 2 part round up of his favourite records of the year and the track he ended with is the one you will find below. If you want to listen to the full show click this link :

  Gouge Away are Christina, Mick, Tommy and Zack, they're from Ft Lauderdale, Florida and they formed in 2013. They play female fronted hardcore punk, they've toured with the likes of G.L.O.S.S., Touche Amore, Ceremony and Soul Glo (next April they'll be supporting Paint It Black) and back in February they released their debut album (on Eighty-Sixed Records). It's titled , Dies and you can check it out on Bandcamp....

  The final track from the album, this is Wildflowers.....

We’ve got a problem. We’re stomping on each other’s heads, climbing and clawing to the top of a mountain, do we even care for claiming? We’ve got a problem. We’ve found ourselves in a ring, fighting a fight that we’re all losing and we didn’t ask for this match. We have built up internalized hate. And if we could dig to the bottom we would find that it needs uprooting. So dig. We’re running a race that no one is winning. Panting and tiring ourselves out. You’ve got to be sick of this, too. So dig. Eradicate. Eliminate Eradicate. Eliminate. It’s not a contest when we’re just fighting to exist. Resistance is stronger together. Don’t step back, don’t step aside, step up. It’s not a contest when we’re just fighting to exist. Voices are louder together. Don’t step back, don’t step aside, step up. Weeds are just plants out of place, With no need to invade if embraced.Aren’t you sick of this too? Thicker skin when we have eachother’s backs Aren’t you sick of this too? Wounds mend stronger when we heal together 


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