Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Daggerplay - One Mile Town


  Daggerplay formed in 2011 and they're a four piece rock n roll band influenced by punk rock, 50's & 60's rock n roll and vintage pop. Some of those influences are listed as The Clash, Ramones, Pogues, Shangri-Las, The Wildhearts, Johnny Cash and Johnny Burnette....

  They're from Helsinki, Finland and line up with Pekko Mantzin (lead vocals/guitar), Tommi Luostarinen (guitar/vocals), Ville Ahonen (bass/backing vocals) and Sirpa Immonen (drums).

  Their debut album, Urban Campfire Songs, was released in 2013 and is available on Bandcamp name your price. The same goes for the 2014 single Forest Hills / Ruhkarannan Juhannus 1976. Snap them up here : https://daggerplay.bandcamp.com/

  During the summer they recorded 15 new songs in preparation for the release of a new album. It will see the light of day in 2017 but to whet your appetite they've recently released a new single. Wearing those Clash influences proudly on their sleeves, this is One Mile Town....


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