Monday, 12 December 2016

Top 10 songs chosen by Jacqueline "Vir" Ess (Hexen)

photo by  Beltza Fotografía

  You'll have possibly noticed the recent update featuring Bilbao Oi band Hexen (you can check them out here : It received so many views that I thought there must be a decent sized fanbase out there for them so I asked singer Vir if she would contribute a Top 10 list. Happily an eclectic top 10 quickly winged it's way back to me and so here it is, enjoy.....


 2)  THE MEDITATORS - Look Who A Bust Style

 3)  FLEETWOOD MAC- Seven Wonders

 4)  THE DICKIES - Booby Trap

 5)  BOHSE ONKELZ - Erinnerungen

 6)  COCK SPARRER - I Feel A Death Coming On

 7)  SECRET AFFAIR - Glory Boys

 8)  THE GITS - Kings And Queens

 9)  MEATLOAF - Paradise By The Dashboard Light

10)  STRAW DOGS - Cheap Imitations

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