Saturday 24 December 2016

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  Don't miss the Just Some Punk Songs round up of the best music from 2016. On Tuesday 27th Devember the Top 20 songs of the year will be broadcast on a special Just Some Punk Songs show. It'll air at 8pm (GMT) and you're all welcome to join in the fun in the chatroom if you want to agree (or more probably) disagree with the choices. It'll be a bit like John Peel's Festive 50 but with a pretty useless dj and only 20 songs but at least they'll all be punk songs.

  This will help you find the link to that show.....

  The following day, Weds 28th, will see the posting of the Just Some Punk Songs Official Top 50 of 2016. The last couple of years there's been a Top 30 but there were so many great releases in 2016 that even a Top 50 won't fit everything in but I'll be giving it a go.

  For those that missed them, these were the previous charts :

2015  top 30 :

2014 top 30 :

  Please feel free to post your own favourite songs in the comments section.  Thanks for viewing Just Some Punk Songs (there's been a quarter of a million page views since the Blog started up, hopefully you've all discovered some great music). Have a Merry Christmas guys

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