Monday 24 June 2024

SkullNBone - Down In The Park


  Did you know that Gary Numan's first foray into the music business was with a 1977 punk band who played 3 gigs with him (under his real name Gary Webb) as singer. They were first called Riot, then Heroin and then Stiletto but then they kicked him out and rebranded as Mean Street. Numan joined a band called The Lasers but soon left to form Tubeway Army. They started off as a punk band but after finding a minimoog left behind in the studio started moving towards synth driven new wave. 

  What if he'd carried on playing punk music? Maybe we'd have got something like today's song. 

  SkullNBone are Chany (vocals), Pat (bass), Dan86 (guitar) & Sam (drums). They're from Montreal and you can find their music here :

  Their latest release is a mini album titled A Requiem For The 21st which is pleasantly rowdy and which contains a cover of a single originally released as a single in 1979 by Tubeway Army and which appeared on their album Replicas. 

  It's called Down In The Park... 

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